We are pleased to supply this document in response to your request.
The acquisition of technical reports, notes, memorandums, etc., is an
active, ongoing program at the Defense Technical Information Center

(DTIC) that depends, in part, on the efforts and interests of users and
Therefore, if you know of the existence of any significant reports, etc.,

that are not in the DTIC collection, we would appreciate receiving copies
or information related to their sources and availability.
The appropriate regulations are Department of Defense Instruction
5100.38, Defense Technical Information Center for Scientific and Technical
Information (DTIC); Department of Defense Instruction 5129.43, Assignment of Functions for the Defense Scientific and Technical Information
Program; Department of Defense Directive 5200.20, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents; Military Standard (MIL-STD) 847-A,
Format Requirements for Scientific and Technical Reports Prepared by

or for the Department of Defense; Department of Defense Regulation
5200.1-R, Information Security Program Regulation.
Our Acquisition Section, DTIC-DDA-1, will assist in resolving any questions
you may have. Telephone numbers of that office are: (202) 274-6847,
274-6874 or Autovon 284-6847, 284-6874.

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