up ‘to $3.25 mi1ll.on for

In the event that Annual Proceeds are not suffi:ienct to


(c) Commencing on the fifteenth anniversary of the effec- ‘
tive dece of this Agreement, not less chan 75 percent of Annual
Proceeds shall be available for disbursement in whole or parcial
paymenc of monetary awards made by the Claims Tribunal.

(b) All monetary awards made by the Claims Tribunal pursuant to Article IV of chis Agreement shall be paid on an annual
pro-rata basis from available funds until all such awards are
If, in any year, che annus) amounc. made avilable
paid in full.
pursuant co subsection 6fc of this Article is not exhausted, the
amount nat required for that year shall remain in the Fund and
shall be made available for disbursement in payment of monetary
awards made by the Claime Tribunal in subsequent years.


annual basie to supplement Annual Proceeds in the emount of the

meet Che disburaement schedules set forth in Seccions 1 trough 6
of this Arcicle, disbursements shall be made from the Fun! on a


Section 7? - Ocher Disbursements

che 12-year period commencing on the third anniversery of che
effective date of this Agreement.

thie Agreement, and in annual amounts of

$45.75 million to be made available to the Claina
Tribunal aa necessary for whole or partial payment of mon:tary
by the Claims Tribunel pursuant to Article IV of this
Agreement, to be disbursed in annua) amounts of up to §$2.:5
million for the 3-year period commencing on the effective date of


$500,000 annually to the Claims Tribunal during che
cera of its existence for its operation, co be disbursed in
quarterly amounts of $125,000 commencing one calendar quater
afcer the first anniversary of the effective dete of this

$500,000 to the Government of the Marehall Islands to
provide for che establishment of the Claims Tribunal, co >
disbursed prior co the first anniversary of the effective date of
this Agreemenc.

Section 6 - Claims Adjudication Funds

$22 5 million co the Ucrik Diacribution Authority referred
to in Article Ill of this Agreement, in payment of clains arising
ouc of che Nuclear Testing Program for loas or damage to property
and person of the people of Urrik, co be disbursed in quarterly
amounts of $375,040 for che 15-year period commencing one calender
quarter after the effective dace of this Agreemenc, and which
shall be distributed, placed in crust or otherwise invested as
the Ucrak Distribution Auchoricy may determine consistent with
this Agreement.

Section 9 - People of Ucrik

937.5 million co the Rongelap Diseribution Authority
referred co tn Article 111 of chis Agreement, in payment of
Claims arising out of che Nuclear Testing Program for loss or
damu,,c Co property and person of the people of Rongelap, to be
disbursed 1a quarterly amounts of $625,000 for the 15-year period
coumencing one culendar quarcer after che effective date of this
Agccement, and which shall be distributed, placed {n trust or
otherwise invesced as the Kongelap Distribution Authority may
determine conutstent with chis Agreement.

dection 4 - Peaple of Rongela

From page 4

177 continued


The understandings reached shall, in consultacion with

Each distribucion authority shell, for purposes of


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703 N Numuilz Hwy
Hototw. “awa 96617
Prone. G08; nos SOLE
Telex - 7238366
Guam Office
Agana, Gucm 96910

Serving Hawa. Asia
and the Pacilic.

# Flour and Mixes

a Bakery Supply
m Food Service



Run Conn CNN Camara

Continuedpage 6

notification co the public and sll interested parties regardin,
ice determinacion and accions, deposit with the Claims Tribuna
an accounting of ite annual ‘disbursements, within 120 days after
Such accounting
the and of each Marahall Islands fiscal yaer.


(b) A Gietribution authority may assign ita right co
receive sums provided under this Agreement, provided chet the
assignment fe coneiastenc with this Agreement and provided that
the discribution authority indeanifies and holds heral
Fund Manager, che Covernment of the Marshall Lslands end the
Government of che United Scates for any cleims arising from the

Islands, and this Agreement.

Marshell Islands, the Constitucion of the Republic of the Mareheli

(a) Distribution, investment and other expenditure of
Annual Proceeds by a distribution authority shall be made in
accordance with customary law and traditional practice of the

Section 3 - Disbursements and Recordation

The Claims Tribunal may, from cime to cime, establiah
addicjonal discribucion authorities as 1¢ deems appropriete and
Necessary Co carfy ouc the intent of this Agreement.

Section 2 - Additional Distribution Authorities

The local government council for Bikini/Kil1, Enewetek/Ujelang,
Rongelap and Ucrik shall be che discribution authority for the
people of Bikini, Enewerak, Rongelap and Ucrik, respeccively.
Each distribution authoricy shall, as set forth in this Agreement, receive and distribute, invest, or otherwise expend Annual

Section 1 - Destgnated Distribucion Authorities

Distribution Authorit

Arcicle III

the Government of the United States, be appended to this AgreeThe establishment of each trusc in
menc as Agreed Minutes.
accordance with the applicable Agreed Minute is a condition to
disbursement of Annual Proceeds by che Fund Manager to the
Fespective distribution authorities.


portion of the Annual Proceeds they shall receive under this
Each crust shall be designed to provide a perpetual
source of income for its respective recipients, and shall be
developed in consoltation with the Government of the Marshall

provide for the establishment of a crust funded with all or a

consequences of the Nuclear Testing Program, the people of Bikini,
Enewetak, Rongelap and Ucrik shall each for their own benefit

Section 8 - Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap and Ucrik Trusts

Page 5

Protect Your Heart

Volume 14, Number 56

(4) Any Annual Proceeds which are not required for the
and subsection
disbursements set forth in Sections 1 through
7(b) and 7(c) of this Arcicle shall eicher be made a parc of the
Islands for
Fund or be used by che Government of che
other programe and services for the people of the Marshall
Islands a8 their unique needs and circumstances resulting from
the Nuclear Testing Program may require, including continuation
of the technical assistance referred co in Section 1 of this
Article, che operation of the Claims Tribunal, the survey and
analysia of the radiological status of the Marshall Islands, and
distributions to local government councils so that they may
ascablish and maintain programs and services for their people as
their unique needs and circdmstances resulting from the Nuclear
Testing Program msy require.

Friday, July 15, 1983

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