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“” ¥Battelle

December 2, 1982


Pacific Northwest Laboratories
P.O. Box 999

Richland, Washington U.S.A. 99352

Telephone (509)

Mr. dames W. Colbert, Esq.
O'Melveny and Myers
400 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2899

Telex 15-2874

Dear Mr. Colbert:

Enclosed is a brief narrative description of PNL's participation in
activities related to the Marshall Islands. Also, enclosed are copies of
documents that illustrate the nature of our participation. We presume that
the current litigation stemmed from our participation in producing the
Enewetak and Bikini books. However, we are including in the attached,
selected representative documentation of all activities.
One activity that was not mentioned to you before was a radiation
educational plan for the Marshall Islands which we prepared for the
Department of Energy to submit to the Department of Interior to satisfy
provisions of the so-called "Burton Bill." Although several of us visited
the Marshal] Islands and met with a number of their government officials,
the plan as submitted to the Department of Interior is not attributed to
Battelle. Also the education plan has not been implemented. Another

activity that was not mentioned to you before is that of Dr. Richard

I hadn't realized until recently that he was contacted by DOE as

early as 1976 with regard to the Enewetak cleanup. He just returned this
fall from a year in Japan and thus was not available last spring when we
compiled the chronology of our activities in the Pacific.

In addition to the copies of documentation in the enclosed package, we
have in our files much related material which includes input from members
of the advisory group from other laboratories, draft reports, and numerous

information letters and documents received from DOE for use by the advisory

group and for use in preparing the Enewetak and Bikini books.
available if you need it.
Please call if you have questions.
Sincerely yours,


W. J. Bair, Ph.D.

Environment, Health and
Safety Research Program

WJB: 1m

C€. D. Fransen
R. P. Marshall


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