participants in the survey and published by the contractor organization,

the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
I do not have copies of the scope, general directives, work documents,

work plans or other documents which discuss the purpose of the survey.
I do not have information about the total budget for the survey.

The following are costs incurred in the preparation and publication of
the DOE-1982 booklet, “The Meaning of Radiation for Those Atolls in the

Northern Part of the Marshall Islands That Were Surveyed in 1978."

Question 2


I do not have precise information about when the survey was initiated.

I assume the survey was completed with the publication of Lawrence

Livermore National Laboratory's report, UCRL~52853 Pt 4, September 30,


I do not know what the Rongelap people were told about the survey.

subsequently received copies of the DOE-1982 booklet.



Marshallese government officials, including representative of the
Rongelap people, attended a presentation of the information in the

Marshallese language in the DOE-1982 booklet in Majuro in December 1982.
Also, in the spring of 1983 a DOE team visited Rongelap. I was not a

member of that team.
I do not have knowledge about studies, reports, briefings, or other
communications given the Rongelap people during the time the study team

was engaged in its work.
Question 3

Changes made between the first two books and the DOE~1982 booklet

(1) Improved description of radioactivity and radiation from atomic
bombs and from natural sources.
(2) Improved description of transport of radioactive materials from
soils to the food chain and to man.
(3) A more detailed approach to describing how radiation causes changes
in cells which lead to biological effects.


papgrmation was omitted that pertained specifically to Enewetak and

Information was added describing how the survey was performed by
scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Radiological information was added for all the northern Marshall

Based on experience with the first two books, changes were made to

improve communication of information about radiation. Also, information
specific to Enewetak and Bikini was omitted, and information specific to

all the northern Marshall Islands was added.
In the Enewetak and Bikini books, specific information was given for
plutonium and americium because the tests of nuclear weapons on these
atolls distributed readily detectable quantities of these radionuclides.
According to the survey results published in the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory Report, UCRL-52853 Pt 4, September 30, 1982, the

contribution of plutonium to the 30 year integral bone marrow dose of
3.3 rem was 0.00051 rem from ingestion and 0.0078 rem from inhalation.

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