Minutes of Meeting
held at University

The first order of business presented to the

of California on

Committee was the draft minutes of the meeting

and 12, 1952

held at the University of California in Davis and

10, ll,

Berkeley, California on January 10, 11 and 12,

The minutes were anproved unanimously upon

a motion by Dr, Wearn and seconded by Dr. Stern.
Mr, dames F.

Dr. Warren introduced Mr. James F. Haggerty

as a new member of the staff of the Medical
Branch and welcomed Dr. Kari '\. Wilbur of Duke

Dr. Wilbur plans to join the staff of

the Biology Branch during the eurly summer.
Report on Research
Research proposals totaling &1 approved or
Proposals approved,
extended and
extended during the months of January, February
declined during

January, February
and March,

and March, 1952 were revicwed by the Committee
as well as the nine projects which had been

The programs of the projects were

outlined by Drs. Pearson, Plough, Tolbert, Claus
and Dunham,

(A list of the projects approved and declined
is attached as Addendum No. 1).
Dr. Warren advised the Committee that particular
care is being exercised in approving the renewals,
The progress reports are judged critically and
staff members of the branches visit the projects
periodically to ascertain the quality of the work
and the progress that is being made,


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