ai 1666 the wt deciared "there is virtually ne radiation left" on Bittiri

and cllowd .sovle t be in moving vack, But ten -ears later tlc radiations le-els
were oC M2 0 ln cot the envirorment and ceople that tlev were evecucted ones aerin
be iSvcy mesic ib .ternational headlines in the proc<ss.
The 20 ine. indriwes still "hot" in 1975 (accordinc to their ow survers)
wo prekeli ruc. ¢blier - put the: dienored these potential necards tn fever of
eetrerin: a receclc, Tic Auw sclertists ‘uring the resettlemert made strte ents
ouc. ag Uiltini "le
_ossitlp the pest available source cf data for evaluatins tle
trancfor ¢7 pictoniuw. across the gut will after being incor: orated into biclezical
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cer .ci ther were leavin people on a da.gernusly corte .incted island
tvov rials tion <cfrecte?
Lace cc eilered 2 stanle ir the llarsiallese diet, arrouroot (ci tlar to a
vtrie,, £ipee ihe letre 1670's, ‘as stcpped producing on every island ir the Mers alles, -adiviensil-, prorle from at least 15 ¢teolls assert tat the coconuts,
orealirlit 2 i cticr le si foods do not vroduce cr have mutated.
* ay lecst .elf 4 dezer islands at Bikini and Snewetat were obliterated off
“re Tace c° vse cart oy the testing. This could hardly be called "orctect ng tie
in ubl arte cpaihit t. + less of tleir lards."
prere are muuercus rerorts from different atolls of continuinre mis-carriae«s,
ctill Lirt’ cc cc ugir defermitics in off snring. freople fren. many etotls, in addivier te sor
lan and Utirik, com lain of sickness that they had never experienced
untib t s lest 10-15 years. Yet the AcxC doctors only lock at tie peorle t ey
concider te Lc "ennezed" anc refuse ti.eir ~edical service te these cthers.
Lrce's tven J ational Laboratory (on ecntract to the ALC /DC-) is cherced wit.
eonéuctir: recular sedical checks on the exposed peorle and is responsible for providinl for the .ecplec' healt’. care, But instead theA
Socters. have consistently

rasleaa ie people coout their radiation exposure (ceavee and Tikini situattors ‘

are exe rlcs of tis).




subrit that tie radiation problems did not end wit’, tie nuclear test ~rocra.
- that in Cnet they are just beginning to be felt. The problems !ere are &
of rolicies wich ‘ave been formulated from very subjective interpretevion
radiclocical irnformstion and it highlights the critical need for an alterrein’ of view.
ese policies are in direct conflict with whe! U.S. responte rretect tc jealth of tne people.
I strengly urge that t:e federcoverm:ent 8 ovld crevide funds for scientific surveys of t ¢ islands and medical
exerinctions cf the ceoric by independent doctors and scientists, wit! no connection
te the DCz. «dS it oce personnel should be chosen by l-ars'‘ic llese,

Tul on ice of this, l would like to invite you and representstives of vour

epartient tc come ic the > arsnalls to investigate tiese and other problems first
none so Liat vou can understand the situction ‘ere.


U.S. has not lived up to its oblirfations under the U.N. Trusteeship spree-

in inrz cases has been in direct violation of it. The resulting radiation
problems that ere now becating evident are just part of tie problem f:cing my pecple
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