There should be a geograpnical definition of the beneficiaries of the statute.

“The language of the statute, and the Department of the Interior letter,
strongly imply that the basis for entitlement is exposure to radiation.


does not differentiate between but includes both those who were directly
exposed to significant levels of radiation (the March 1, 1954, residents of
Rongelap and Utirik who already are covered under P.L. 95-134) and those
who received no significant radiation exdosure.
If the beneficiaries are to be those nopulations who suffered

injury and/or

hardship directly as a result of the U.S. nuclear weapons testing proagrar™, we
Submit that the populations to be covered by the statute should include those .«

Experienced significant radiation exposures due to direct fallout

(i.e., the 174 residents of Rongelap and Utirik on March 1, 1954,
and those in utero at that time. i

Were removed from their home atolls prior to and/or as a
consequence of the testing program (i.e. the Rongelap, Utirik,
Bikini and Enewetak people), some of whom continue to be
denied residential use of their home atoll


(i.e., the Bikini

(We have no objection to defining this to be the

people living on Kili Island as stated by the Department of

the Interior.

Similarly, the people of Ujelang might also

be included, as also proposed by the Department of the


Are included by Congressional determination and required by

practical and ethical considerations (i.e., the entire
population living on the atolls and islands identified in 1.b.


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