Sandy Schneider


Interior Proposed Draft Bill, "To amend section 106 of the Act of
October 15, 1977, as amended, concerning health care in the Marshall
Islands, and for other pruposes."

Because of the need for clarification regarding ambiguities in tne lanauace of
Public Law 96-205, we concur with the Department of the Interior that amendments to P.L. 96-205 are needed.

We also agree with the Department of the

interior that the primary uncertainty is the identification of populations
wno are to be the beneficiaries of the health, radiological monitoring and
education/information programs mandated by the statute.
However, we are of the opinion that many, if not all, of the
uncertainties and ambiguities associated with P.L. 96-205 could be resolved


_ via administrative decisions by the implementing agency.

Andon cn.

-— 4.




If resolved by

“this mechanism, many of the comments which follow could be eliminated


aptnee >

from consideration as amendments to P.L. 96-205 (e.g., geographical coverage,

Sent oo ot ime period of benefits).

Incorporation of these decisions into the "program

ely plan" which must be submitted to the Congress would allow an opportunity for

fh Gris4 hth Congress to evaluate whether or not the plan would be consistent with
fu oe ‘bplathe intent of Congress.

A copy of the Department of Energy legal position

tat 4 Ap these matters, provided to the Department of the Interior on October 17,

pow Y. 1980, is provided as Attachment A.
fw The Department of the Interior's proposed amendments are acceptable in
everal respects, but there are a number of issues, additions, changes and

comments which we feel would strengthen and further clarify the statute.

We agree that:


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