Those whom I know are competent and well

quélified for their jobs.

The persons

in charge of the Bio-

nedical program are scientifically competent and have a good

practical understanding of logistics and organizational problems.


The operational aspects of the »orogram

heve been well thought out and will be rehearsed thoroughly
before shot time.

The scientific nrersonnel will be kent out

of the field and wil’ be resronsible only for placing the
biological meteriels in insulating liners which will then be
distributed st the vroner stations end collected by conpetent
military tesems.

There will be five 5-man recovery teams,


with & monitor from General Cooney's outfit thet will be
resconsible for placing and collecting the liners.

Only two

of these teams will go into areas which will be redioactive
and the other three will be used for collecting Feerse's
material on non-active islands.

They will Serve as reserve

temas from the point of view of radiation exposure.

The teams

will be allowed to teke an averrege of one roentgen of gamna
radiation ner nan (but te Roy believes that this dosage can
be incressed to 3 r if necessary).
an advisory castacity,

The monitors will act in

but will rerort to a

chief monitor

(Carmtein Haight) who will be with the beach master and will
heve euthority to order evacuetion.

Le Roy will be ina

boat nesroy and will be in direct communication with the teams

and with the beach master.

The problem of recovery of biological

mo terial should not vrove to be difficult.

“he station design

provides for alternate methods of recovery of material in
case the usual methods of evacuation cennot be used.


rediation hazards for this type of an ex~losion can he estinated
with reasonable accurecy snd should not be serious--150 mr ver hour


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