to five months.


Los Alamos,


Oak Ridge and University of

Rochester we were given intensive training in radiological safety
procedures including instrumentation,

measurement, protection ana

Those of us involved in this training program were

later to become key men in the operation,

supervising those with


At Bikini we in the Rad-Safe section were under the able direction
of Drs.

Stafford Warren and George Lyon.

Both were highly regarded

in the field of radiology and radiological safety.
been with the Manhattan District.
Robert Newell,

Dr. Warren had

They were ably assisted by Drs.

Wright Langham and others.

They ran a “tight ship®

and admonished all of us to make every effort to keep radiation
exposures as low as possible.

The Task Force Command gave high

priority to the Rad-Safe program.

At Test Able,

I was senior monitor on one of the patrol boats,


first to enter the lagoon and clear my sector for target ship

The operation went smoothly with no great radiation

problems that I

remember and by the end of the day we were able to

clear ships for the boarding parties,

The BAKER test caused a much more serious radiation situation due to
the contamination of the target ships with water mixed with fission

My assignment was Rad-Safe representative on the USS

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