My name is Robert Conard.

AS an atonic veteran and one who actively

participated in Operation CROSSROADS I would like to share with you
some of my recollections of the radiological safety of the operation.

During the war


I was medical officer aboard a Cruiser in the
my return,



I was

on duty at

the Naval

Medical Center in Bethesda and was asked by the Navy to participate



safety officer

at Operation CROSSROADS.

I agreed

and thus began for me a life-long career in the field of radiation

Following CROSSROADS I participated as a Rad-Safe officer

at Operation GREENHOUSE at Eniwetak and on Several Nevada tests.
Later, at the Naval Medical Research Institute I carried out
research studies on the effects of radiation in animals.


On March

the unfortunate accidental fallout exposure of 240

Marshallese and 28 American Servicemen occurred in the Marshall
Islands following detonation of a large thermonuclear device at

I was a member of the medical team involved in the

examination and care of these people.

I then went to Brookhaven

National Laboratory after leaving the Navy where for twenty-five

until my retirement six years ago,

I headed up the continuing

medical care of the Marshallese people.

In preparation for CROSSROADS Operation I was sent,
group of medical officers,

along with a

to various National Laboratories for

intensive indoctrination in radiological safety procedures for four

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