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Fund or be used by the Governmenc of che Marshall Islands for
other programs and setvices for the people of the Marshall
Islands as theic unique needs and circumstances resulting From
the Nuclear Testing Program may require, including continuation

Section 4 - People of Ronge lap

of che technical asaistance referred to in Seccion 1 of this

dami,c to property and person of the people o Rongelap, to be
disbursed in quarterly amounts of $625,000 for the 15-year period
Coumencing one culendar quarter after the effective date of this —
ani which shall be diacribuced, placed {n trust or
otherwise invested as the Rongelap Distribution Auchority may
determine consistent with chis Agreement.

Section 5 - People of Ucrik

$22.5 million to the Utrik Discribucion Authority referred
Co in Article Ill of this Agreemenc, in payment of claina arising

ouc of the Nuclear Testing Program for lose or d
@ to propercy
and person of the people of Ucrik, co be disbursed in quarterly
’ amounts of $375,030 for che 15-year period commencing one calendar
quatter after che effective date of this
Agreement, and which
shall be distribuced, placed in cruse or othervise investad as

Article, che operation of tha Claims Tribunal, che survey and
analysis of the radigliogical acatus of che Marshall Islands, and
distributions to local government councils so that they may

establiah and maintain programs and services for their people as
their unique needs and circdmetances reaulting from the Nuclear
Testing Program may require.
Section 8 - Bikini,



and Uerik Truscte

In order to provide an additional long-cerm-means co addreas
consequences of the.Nuclear Testing Program, che people of Bikini,
Enewetak, Rongelap and Ucrik shall each for their own benefit
provide for che establishment of a trust funded with ali or a
portion of the Annual Proceeds they shall receive under this

Each trust shall be designed to provide a perpetual
source of income for its respective recipiencte, and shall be

developed in consultation with the Government of the Marshall
Talands. The understandings reached shall, in consultacion with

this Agreement.

the Government of the United States, be appended to this AgreeMenc as Agreed Minutes. The establishment of each trusc in
accordance with the applicable Agreed Minute is a condition to

Section 6 - Claims Adjudication Funds

Fespective diatribucion authorities.

the Ucrik Distribution Authority may determine consistent with

disbursemenc of Annual

Article III

$500,000 to the Government ofthe Marshall Leland

provide for che establishment,of che Claims Tribunal, tote.
disbursed prior to the first anniversary of the effective datereof
this Agreement.

$500,000 annually co che Claims Tribunal during the

Each diatribution authority shall, as sec forth in this Agree-

ment. receive and distribure, invest, or otherwise expend Annual

$45.75 million to be made available to the Clains
Tribunal ag necessary for whole or partial payment of moni:tary


pursuant co Article IV of this
amounts of up to §2.:5

million for che j-year period commencing on the effective date of
thie Agreement, and in annual amounce of up ‘to $3.25 mill:.on far
the 12-year period commencing on the third anniversery of the

effective date of chia Agreement.

In the avent chat Annual Proceeds ara not suffi:ient to
meet che disbursement achedules set forth in Sections 1 trough 6
of this Arcicle, disbursements shall be made from the Fun! on an
aeerae basis to supplement Annual Proceeds in the amount of the


(b) ALL monetary avards made by the Claime Tribunal pursuant to Article IV of cHia Agreement shall be paid on an annual

pro-rata basis from available funds until all such awards are

paid in full.
If, in any year, che annual amount. made av..ilable
pureuant to subsection ofs of this Article is not exhausted, the
amount not required for that year shall remain in the Fund and
shall be made available for disbursement in payment of monetary

avards made by the Claims Tribunal in subsequent years.

(c) Commencing on the fifceenth anniversary of che effective date of thie Agteement, not less than 75 percent of Annual
Proceeda shall be available for disbursement in whole or partial

payment of monecary awards made by che Claims Tribunal,

Section 2 - Additional Distribution Authorities
The Claims Tribunal may, from time to time, eatablish

addicjonal distribution authorities as it deems appropriate end

Necessary to carty ouc the intenc of this Agreement.
Section ] - Disbursements and Recordation

Section 7? - Other Disburaeaents





The local government council for Bikini/Kili, Enewetak/Ujelang,
Rongelag and Ucrik shall ba che distribution authority for the
people of Bikini, Enewecak, Rongelap and Utrik, reapectively. .


Agreement, to be disbursed in annual


Distribution Authority
Section 1 - Designated Distribution Authorities |

term of its existence for its operation, to be dishursed in
quarterly amounts of $125,000 commencing one calendar qua-‘ter
afcer the first anniversary of che effective dete of this

awards made by the Claims Tribunel


Proceeds by che Fund Manager to the

(a) Discribucion, investment and other expenditure of
‘ Annual Proceeds by a distribution suthoricty shall be made in
accordance with customary law and traditional practice of the

Marshall Islands, che Conetitution of the Republic of the Marghali
Islands, and this Agreement.

(b) A diacribucion authority may assign ita right to
Teceive sums provided under this Agreement, provided that the
assignment is consistenc with thie Agreement and provided that
the diecribucton authority indeanifies and holds harmless the
Fund Manager, the Government of the Marshall lalands and the

Government of the United States for any claims arising from the

(c) Each distriburcion auchority shell, for purposes of
nocificarion to the public and all interested parties regarding

ice determination and actions, deposit with the Claims Tribuns
an accounting of ice annual *disburaamants, within 120 days after
the end of each Marshall Islands fiecsl year.
Such accounting


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— —

937.5 million co che Rongelap Distribution Authority

referred to in Article III of this Agreement, in payment of
claims ariaing out of che Nuclear Tescing Program for loss or


Protect Your Heart

Any Annual Proceeds which are not required for che

disbursements eet forth in Sections | chrough
and subsection
7(b) and 7(c) of this Article shall either be made a part of ‘the

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