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April 11, 1983
Dr. Bruce W. Wachholz

20237 Laurel Hill Way

Germantown, MD


Dear Bruce:

Sorry to cause this to be waiting for you when you return from a glorious
holiday in the sun; however, I need your help.
Would you review the enclosed "declaration" and assure that it is factual
with regard to activities in the Marshalls? It must be accurate and we do
not want to point any fingers. However, we do want to get PNL dismissed as
a defendant. Before this declaration is submitted it will be reviewed by
PNL and DOE lawyers including those at headquarters.
The deadline on having this ready for review is about the middle of May.
Thanks very much.
Sinceyely yours,

W. J. Bair, Ph.D.

Environment, Health and
Safety Research Program

WJB: 1m

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