The Pu burden at the end of 7 years (or for that matter for any of the
first 9 years) is listed in Table 4 of the material [ sent you earlier. At 7 y the
body burden is 4000 to 5000 fCi for the given set of assumptions listed in the
footnote of the table.

| realize these doses are very different from those you received from Ed

Lessard and | guess that is why we are going to meet. As you can see from
the material [| have sent you, | also do not understand the observed urine
concentrations and associated doses when | make a comparison based on our
measured soil and vegetation concentrations, the diet models and current Pu

| look forward to meeting with all of you to try to resolve this problem.
If there is any more | can do to supply additional data or calculations, please

give me a call.

Best regards,


William L.. Robison
Section Leader

Terrestrial & Atmospheric Sciences



Keith Eckerman
Ed Lessard

Jack Healy
Roger Ray

Roy Thompson

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