Page Two
Jonathan Weisgall
January 21, 1982

Page 2:

“standard (radiation standard) - The amounts of radiation

that have been established that people should not exceed."

To an unsuspecting Marshallese, this statement implies a

threshold level of radiation injury: The authors should.
have pointed out that no radiation level is safe, as in the
Tinear model, and moreover, that there is growing evidence
for a super-linear model which states that cancer may be
induced at lower levels of radiation exposure due to the
numbers of cells that may be spared for a later malignancy.

Page 2:

"radiation - A kind of energy that comes from radioactive

atoms as they change and become other kinds of atoms.

energy we cannot see, hear, smell], taste, or feel."


Nowhere does it state that radiation is harmful to human


Page 4:

“Of the atoms that are radioactive, some have always been

a part of the world. These are God-made and it will take
a very long time before they go away."

To invoke the name of God with the Marshallese, who are
very Christian, especially as it relates to radiation, is
a cheap shot which takes advantage of the peoples' religious
beliefs. This statement violates the rule of logic insofar
as it appeals to a higher authority~-one almost gets the

distinct impression that God sanctions radioactivity because
it was present at the Creation. This entire page distorts
the fact that unlike other locations in the world, Bikini
is the site of 23 nuclear explostons--with many of these in
the megaton range.

I do not know of a single honest radiation

Scientist who would return the Bikini to raise a family, yet
the language contained on page 4 gives the impression that

the radiation at Bikini is not very different from other
locations in the world.
Page 12:


“No alpha radiation is able to reach people's bodies from

the radioactive atoms in the soil."
This statement is false. Plutonium, an alpha- emitter, can

enter the foodchain and be internally absorbed into a human

Also, it takes only one-millionth of a gram of inhaled

plutonium dust to cause a lung cancer.

It would be like

playing radiation roulette to see how long it would take for
the returning Bikinians to contract Tung cancer after living

at their former atoll.
Page 14:

"Some of the strontium atoms will leave the body when people
eliminate, but many of the strontium atoms will remain in the
bones, and radiation will continue to come from these radio-

active atoms."
The authors failed to mention that whenever radioisotopes

are ingested in the human body, they come into contact with
normal, healthy cells. When this happens, the nuclei of
normal cells are bombarded with radioactive particles and

high- and low-energy rays which can alter healthy cells.

result of this nuclei bombardment can lead to cancer, and



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