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May 19, 1983

Dr. Edward T. Lessard

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Associated Universities, Inc.
Upton, Long Island, NY 11973
Dear Ed:

Thank you very much for your May 2 letter and the update on the Marshallese
data. I am glad Charlie asked you to review the SC-57, TG-7 report on
Thyroid Cancer. I felt it didn't cover the Marshallese data adequately and
suggested in my comments that you be contacted.
I noted that your table lists six total thyroid cancer whereas TG-7 report
gives seven. Also, I think seven was the number in Bob Conard's report and
the number also appears in the UNSCEAR report. I assume this difference of
one is the Utrik case you mentioned in your note to Charlie.
I probably told you that in our meeting at Majuro in December, the
Marshallese expressed their belief that they are experiencing a great
excess of thyroid cancer as well as birth defects. I don't know how these
erroneous perceptions can ever be corrected.

Thank you again for your letter.
With best regards,

W. bu Ph.D.

Environment, Health and
Safety Research Program


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