2. Meetingwith the Secretary of Defense and Chairman, Joint

Chiefs of Staff.

(pp. 2-4)

Mr. Strauss said that on February 15, he nad met with the Sec
retary of Defense snd the Shuirman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ¢

Ctsouss the-observer program for Operation REDWING, the allocatior

materials for foreign power reactors and the request for a
meeting between the Joint Chiefs

of Staff and the Commission.

With regard to the observer program for Operation REDWIN.
Mr. Strauss said that JCS would like to sponsor a number of Uy u
and Canadian military observers.

Mr. Strauss said he had inform

Admiral Radford that if forelgn military observers were present
at Operation REDWING, he believed it wovld also be necessary to
invite representatives of the press.

He added that it had been

agreed that AEC and DOD would consider,

as soon as possible, the

question of observer programs,

Mr, Strauss said he had read to Mr, Wilson and Admiral
Radford the draft letter to the President requesting that


allocate 20,000 kilograms of U-235 for foreign power reactors,
and also a letter which would later be sent to the Secretary of

Defense on the same subject,

He added that after some discussio:

Mr, Wilson and Admiral Radford had concurred in the request for

Sats aitocatyon.


Mr, Strauss also said that in accordance with a request by

Mr. Murray, he had asked Admiral Radford if the Joint Chiefs of

Staff would meet with the Commission.

He said that Admiral

Radford did not believe such a meeting would be appropriate

Since the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been established to advise
the President and Secretary of Defense and since such a meeting

would bypass the MLC, which is the statutory link between the
Commission and the Defense Department,

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By: PM. Sweetman. Gle/96

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