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The announced campaign , the Mayor of the Kwajais ¢ pected to involve lob- lein municipal council Alvin Jacklick; the peopie of
bying in both the Nitijela,
which is the parliament of the northwestern Marshall
the Marshall tslands Gov-. - Istands who have been afernment, and the United fected by radiation incluStates Congress. Leaders ding Senator Jeton Anjaia;
of the coalition groups and the Voice of the Marmet with legal counsel in shalls (VOM), a progressive
Honolulu and the west political group under the
coast to plan a coopera- leadership of several Niti-

477 >

Agreement Between

the Covernmenc of the Uniced States and
the Government of the Marshall Islande for
Che Implementation of Section 177 of the
Compact of Free Assoctation

The Government of the United States and theGovernment of

the Marshall Ielands:

In_ recognition of the enduring friendship between che United
States o
rica and the Republic of the Marshall Islande;

eromenct of the Marshall Islands;

In _ves€firmacti
of che Compact of Free Association (the
etween the Government of the Uniced States and the Gov-

. In fulfiilaenc of -the rovisionse of Section 17) of the
Compact relating to the nuclear testing progres which thd: Govern-

mant of the United States conducted in ¢
Northern Marshall
Talands between June 30, 1946, and August 18, 1958 (the Nuclear

Testing Program);
care co ell of the people of the Marshall Islande; and the

In_ recognition of ‘the authority and responsibility of the
Government of the
vahall Talands to provide medical and health
expressed desire of the Government of the Marshall Islands to
include in its integrated, comprehensive and univérsal medical
health-care system, che health-care and surveillance programs and
radiological monitoring activities contemplated in Unite Scates

Public Law 95-134 and United Staces Public Law 96-205;

In recognition of Bhe auchority and responsibility of the
Government of the
rshall Islands to provide for the welfare of
all the people of the Marshall Islands; and the expressed desire
of the Government of the Marshell Ielande co create and aaintasin,
in perpecuity, a means to address past, present and future consequences of che Nuclear Testing Progras, ocluding the resolucion
of resulcane claims; and


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In_xecognicion of contributions and sacrifices made by the
aople of the
rahall Telande in regard to the Nuclear Testing |



will expire in 1985.

MAJURO,13 July — President Amata Kabua ear
jiron lok 500 armij ro rej
bed ilo kwelok eo kein


Rev. Harry Rakin,

yio kein jiljino rej bed-

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eo im ear bar jemlok term
in jerbal eo an ito Buard




day morning (14 July),


MAJURO, 13 July — President Amata Kabua left this
afternoon for Japan where
he will meet with “high
government officials,®
according to government
spokesmen. Kabua will have
‘exploratory’ talks about
aid projects,
including Japanese involvement in outer island
airstrips, they said. Oneexample might be paving.
Kabua will stop over on
Guam for one day. tHe Is
scheduled to meet with
military officials Thurs~

later in the day meet with
Governor Ricky Bordallo

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Ph. 3119 WHOLESALE '»».a119


The BEST buys!

Micronesia for an inaug-.
ural flight to a new air-port In Japan. tn Japan
they will be the guests of the Japanese government.

wot an kar ba elon ien
and have Junch at the
ko mokta lok.
Governor's mansion.
lio ran in kwelok eo kein
The government spokesmen
described the trip as
karuo inne, kwelok in ear
bar kelet Rev. Jude Sam- © "frugal.' Kabua, Chief
Secretary Oscar deBrum,
son, eo im term in jerbal
and their wives are
eo an ear jemlok, bwe en
travelling on tickets
bar president an JRD ilo
originally provided by Alr

erre iben Compacteo ein-

Sunday eo ilo Uliga Protestant Church ke Compact in Free Association
eo ej jokelet eo emon tata im ear bar kwalok an

27 an Jarin Rarik Dron

Jarin Rarik Dron “°°”
conference held
MAJURO,13 July — President Amata Kabua told
the 500 participants in the
27th Jjarin Dron Confer-

ence Sunday at the Uliga

Protestant Church that the
Compact of Free Association is the best choice
for the Marshall Islands
and hereiterated his full

endorsement of the Compact.
During the Conference's

second day of meeting yesterday, the Conference re-

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MAJURO, 12 July — There
_was brief ceremony this
afternoon at the airport

pumping station

formal turn-over to the
government of the improvements made by Pacific International, Inc. The new
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