Letter to Davies
June 11, 1982

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We believe that Dr. Wachholz made positive steps toward getting the
Marshall Islands program under the control of DOE Headquarters. He
accomplished a great deal in the areas of planning and integration and
had the complete support of DOE Headquarters and the scientists

performing the studies. A lack of support became a significant factor
in early 1981 when responsibility for the Marshal] Islands program was

again fragmented, resulting in deterioration of Headquarters’ management

of the program.

We believe it is this fragmentation and lack of

positive support in EP, not Dr. Wachholz's performance, that have led to
claims of poor management.
In fact, we believe that poor management is

not a valid issue in making a decision to transfer the Marshall Islands


decision should be based on other considerations.

Wood. Batr, Ph.D., Chairman

Manager, Environment, Health
and Safety Research Program
Pacific Northwest Laboratories

Cb Gaia

A. Auxier,Coucfoa
rector, Industrial Safety
& Applied Health Physics
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

UL Bonne. SO

C. W. Francis, Ph.D.
Soil Scientist
Environmental Sciences Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(On leave in Japan)

R. 0. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

tnergy Systems Department

Pacific Northwest Laboratory


W. Healy°

Staff Member, Health Division

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

CI¢ Cle,

R. O. McClellan, Ph.D.

Director, Inhalation Toxicology
Research Institute
President, Lovelace Biomedical
& Environmental Research


C. R. Richmond, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Biomedical & Environmental

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


W. L. Templeton

Associate Manager, Environmental
Sciences Department
Pacific Northwest Laboratory

RO Towarenn

R. C. Thompson, Ph.D

Senior Staff Scientis
Biology Department

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

R. T. Johnson

H. E. Roser
W. A. Vaughan

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