The Ad Hoc Committee established by AEC to evaluate the radiological

hazards of resettlement of the Bikini Atoll recommended a number of

measures one of which was that "Radioactive scrap should be removed

from the islands adjacent to former shot sites."

In discussions on

the need for such removal it was pointed out that this materialis
scrap metal containing induced radioactivity and that natives collect
and find use for all such materials.

The scrap is in the form of metal

embedded in concrete, chunks of metal lying on top of the surface, and
scraps of metal mixed with the top layers of sand and soil.

It is not

expected that removal of the scrap containing induced radioactivity will
make any great reduction in radiation levels on the near test islands
since there are quantities of radionuclides, primarily
in the top layers of sand and soil of these islands.

°C and 137G5,
It was concluded

that some radiation exposure could be avoided through removal of contaminated scrap metal such that it would be unavailable to native collectors.

Objectives - Following the August 1968 trip to Bikini, a report on the
visit was prepared by AEC staff containing an attachment addressing the
question of purpose and objective for scrap removal at Bikini Atoll.

Recommendations 1 through 4 of this statement, known as Attachment
that trip report, appear to be a proper assessment of what is needed.
This Attachment 6 is provided for your use.

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