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It has been NIOSH policy not to use classified information in the conduct of its epidemiologic
research becauseit is contrary to DHHSphilosophy which calls for research to be conducted

openly, thus ensuring scientific integrity and public credibility. Studies utilizing classified

information, where source data cannot be confirmed, have been a source of muchcriticism in the

past (Attachment 3 [PSR]). In response to inquiries made by NIOSHas partof this

investigation, K-25 personnel have determined that certain chemical and radiological information,

some of which pertains to known or suspected risk factors of multiple myeloma, is classified and
therefore not available for use in the exposure assessment portion of an unclassified
epidemiologic study. Attachment 4 presents four data components which are currently deemed
Confidential Restricted Data (CRD) and thus are not available for use in the study of K-25

workers (Attachment 4 [Confidential Memo date August 16, 1995).

In order for NIOSH to accomplish its mission, we are requesting that all of the data related to
worker exposures be declassified. If it is determined that portions of the data cannot be
declassified, then we request that an encoding procedure be developed that will mask the identity
of classified compounds or processes. This would allow the use of data in a non-identifiable
form but would not impede properscientific analyses.
It should be readily apparent from the discussion above that a timely resolution to this matteris
required. Successful completion of this study using all relevant data may have important public

health and economic benefit. The conduct and completion of the study as planned is dependent

on the decision to declassify the data or establish a workable alternative that would allow the use
of the data in an encoded fashion.
Wehave been informed that the Technical Evaluation Panelwill meet in the near future to
consider this request and provide a decision. It is understood that NIOSH representatives will
attend this meeting to address any questions members of the Panel may have. Please contact me
at (513) 841-4462 regarding the scheduling of this meeting or if additional information is needed.
Your promptattention to our request is appreciated.


Lamry J. Elliott, MSPH, CIH

Section Chief: Exposure Assessment
NationalInstitute for Occupational

Safety and Health

1. List of Transferred Studies under MOU.

2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
3. Physicians for Socia] Responsibility (PSR) Report.

4. Confidential Memo dated August 16, 1995,
cc w/ Attachments:
G. Marciante, DP-80
A. Quist

G. Peterson, DOE-HQ EH-62
C. Stachowiak, DOE K-25

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