The Radiation Safety Journal
August 2010

Volume 99

Number 2

ISSN 0017-9078


Alimentary Tract Absorption (f, Values) for Radionuclides
in Local and Regional Fallout from Nuclear Tests
Shawki A. Ibrahim, Steven L Simon, André Bouville,
Dunstana Melo, and Harold L. Beck

Radiation Doses and Cancer Risks in the Marshall Islands
Associated with Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from
Bikini and Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests: Summary
Steven L. Simon, André Bouville, Charles E. Land,
and Harold L. Beck


Predictions of Dispersion and Deposition of Fallout from
Nuclear Testing Using the NOAA-HYSPLIT Meteorological


Brian E. Moroz, Harold L. Beck, André Bouville,

Fallout Deposition in the Marshall Islands from Bikini and

Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests

and Steven L. Simon


Harold L. Beck, André Bouville, Brian E. Moroz,

and Steven L. Simon



Doses from External Irradiation to Marshall Islanders
from Bikini and Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests
André Bouvile, Harold L. Beck, and Steven L. Simon


News and Notices

Acute and Chronic Intakes of Fallout Radionuclides by

Marshallese from Nuclear Weapons Testing at Bikini and
Enewetak and Related Internal Radiation Doses
Steven L. Simon, André Bouville, Dunstana Melo, Harold L. Beck,
and Robert M. Weinstock

Projected Lifetime Cancer Risks from Exposure to
Regional Radioactive Fallout in the Marshali Islands
Charles E. Laud, André Bouvitle, lulian Apostoaei,
and Steven L. Simon

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Dedication: Payne S. Harris (£922-2010)
Steven L. Simon


Payne S. Harris, Steven L. Simon, and Shawki A. Ibrahim


Urinary Excretion of Radionuclides from Marshallese
Exposed to Fallout from the 1954 Bravo Nuclear Test




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On the cover: Map of the Republic of the Marshall Islauds
showing relative locations of all atolls. See page 106 (Fig. 1} for
the names ofeach atoll and additional information.

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