Department of Entergy
Nevada Operations Office

PO. Box 14100

Las Vegas, NV 89114-4100
January 26, 1983

Mr. James DeFrancis
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, CP-2
U.S. Department of Energy
Washington, D.C.
Dear Jim:

I refer to a memorandum to you from Tom McCraw dated December 16,


Meeting on DOE/EP Northern Marshalls Survey - Majuro Atoll,
December 8-9, 1982

Since I was not on distribution for this memorandum it was almost a month after

it was issued before it came to my attention.

Before responding to it I felt

it necessary to have at hand the verbatim transcript (from tape) which was then
in preparation.
I now have that transcript and have had a chance to review Mr.
McCraw's impressions and recollections.
Preparation for our meeting last week
and for my travel to the Pacific today, however, have kept me from developing a
detailed response--something which I most assuredly intend to do.
What I ask at this time is that you reserve judgement upon the Majuro meetings
until you can be presented with a factual account and an analysis-in-context

of what actually was said.

I can tell you at this time that, after a careful reading of the transcript,
there is no substantive change that I would make in my statements or those of

Drs. Bair and Robison.

Nor do I believe that either of these latter two would

substantially change any statement of theirs or mine.
Mr. McCraw made no
substantive statements.
We neither made nor advocated any change in Department
policy, nor do I acknowledge that I made statements "not compatible with past policy,"
as alleged.
As to the alleged confusion on the part of our Marshallese hosts I
would say that if there were not some confusion it would suggest that we were not
communicating effectively.
I have never yet attended a public meeting on radiation
matters where the complexity of the subject did not evoke some degree of confusion
and concern.
I will, however, offer two direct quotes from the transcript, the
first from a member of the parliament (addressed to me):

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