AEC Press Releases, DOE Historian’s Office and Record Group 326, NARA.

AEC Office of General Manager Files, RG 326, DOE Archives.
AEC Executive Secretariat Files, Record Group 326, DOE Archives.

AEC, ERDA, and DOE Defense Program Files on the Trust Territory and Pacific Proving
Ground, in DOE records storage under DP control.
Anderson, Senator Clinton P. Papers. Library of Congress.
Bell, Tom Files. DOE EH.

Brookhaven National Laboratory reports.
Brown, Harry Files, DOE NVO, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Deal, L Joe Papers (personal).
Deal, L. Joe Papers, RG 326, DOE Archives.
Department of State Marshall Islands records, Department of State, Washington, D.C.
DNArecords on Marshall Islands, DNA, Washington D.C., and Kirkland AFB, New Mexico,

(CIC), Las Vegas.

Documents from the Coordination and Information Center (CIC), Las Vegas, NV.

DOE administrative records of EH and DP, stored at DOE H Street records storage.
DOI, Office of Territories Marshall Islands records, DOI, Washington, D.C.
EH records on the northern Marshall Islands, in DOE records storage.
Endnote file for Richard G. Hewlett and Jack M. Holl, Atoms for Peace and War 19531961. DOE Historian’s Office.

EP Files, DOE EH.

General Counsel’s Litigation Support Team Files, REECo, Las Vegas.
Headquarters Joint Task Force SEVEN General Administrative Files. Washington Federal
Records Center, RG 374.

Holmes and Narver (H&N) Files, H&N, Las Vegas.
JCAE Records, RG 128, NARA.


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