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February 28, 1983

Dr. Edward T. Lessard
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Associated Universities, Inc.
Upton, Long Island, NY 11973
Dear Ed:

Thank you for sending me copies of your Marshall Islands trip reports. The
data are very interesting. I had seen the figure comparing Cs-137 levels
at Rongelap, Utirik, Enewetak and Bikini when we were at Majuro in December. Communicating and explaining the body burden data to the Marshallese will be a challenge for you. Sore of the questions they asked us at
Majuro will give you an indication of whet you can expect. I'l] send you a
copy of the transcript of the tapes made at our December session when it is
The abstract of your thyroid absorbed dose paper planned for presentation
in July 1983 was omitted from yourletter.

I would be quite interested in

having a copy. I continue to advise those dealing with risk estimates for
thyroid to "wait for the Brookhaven report."
With-best regards,


W. J. Bair, Ph.D.

Environment, Health and
Safety Research Program
WJB: 1m

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