were calculated. Included are estimates based on BEIR-i whicn we usea
Since BEIR-I1I had not yet been accepted by the U.S. Government. In
fact at the time we wrote the Bikini book only a type set copy of BEIRIII was available, which was not identical to the version eventually


We used this type set version to calculate estimates based

on BEIR-III for comparison purposes.

This also is enclosed.

Because of your question about the origin of the values for the dose to

the highest individual I've included a table in the appendix of actual
dose data for individuals.

Also included is a copy of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands,

Five Year Comprehensive Health Plan, dated February 1979. As I mentioned to you on the phone this was our only source of population data
on the Marshaliese people. The enclosure is all of the report that Dv.

Wachholz received from Mr. Ted Mitchell, a lawyer who was with the

Micronesian Legal Service and who represented the Enewetak people.
You'll note that it appears incomplete. Also, there is a part which is
Jabeled Chapter Four, VI Demography. 1 don't know whether this is a
part of the Marshall Islands Five Year Plan or whether it is from
another report. The data in this Chapter Four is not quite in agreement
with the data in the Five Year Plan. For example, in Table IV-6, page
63 the annual growth rate for the Marshallese is given as 4.4%. From
the data in Table III-1 of the Five Year Plan, the annual growth rate
seemed to be less than 4%; we used 3.8%.
Please call if you have any questions.

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