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FROM: E.J. Martin E

copies: (4) Paul Boren



28 February 1985
DNA 6036 (IVY) Reference C.1.7.4

This memorandum is being written as a record of the receipt of a

recollection by Mr.



Gordon Facer used in the preparation of the Ivy

first memorandum recording this commmication has been

inexplically misplaced or was never written.

Facer first indicated to me that he had been an Ivy participant as
he was telling me how the skiffs in Redwing Project 2.63 were moored

(probably in October 1980).
During the '50s Facer had been a Navy
Officer and had participated in at least two nuclear test series. At the
time of this Redwing communication he was the Department of Energy
representative on the committee that met monthly at the Defense Nuclear
Agency to discuss the progress of the Nuclear Test Personnel Review
Program. This committee also critiqued the reports we were preparing and
it was in this context that the discussion of the mooring of the skiffs
After this initial commmication, Facer also talked to M.J. Osborne

of the Tempo Alexandria office about his Ivy participation, but these
talks were general and did not contribute anything to the report. All
the recollection that was in our report was based on a phone conversation
in 1981 during the period when I was working on Ivy. The substance of
his recollection was as follows.
Facer was part of the radsafe organization during Ivy.
remembered accompanying a group retrieving film from a bunker on Boken
following Mike shot. We at Tempo later inferred this was Project 2.6.

Facer told of participating in the cutting open of a jammed door of a
data recording bunker. The transporting helicopter was used to bring the
men down to alternate with the cutting torch in order to "break up the


I asked Facer when this took place and he replied that it occurred
the afternoon of the Mike shot day. When I pointed out to him that the
records indicate that the radiation levels on Boken at that time were in
thousands of R/hr, he laughed and said that at least he could remember
the thing that he as the radsafe monitor "was supposed to remember",

i.e., the radiation intensity which was 16 R/hr. I suggested that this
appeared to coincide with a published reading for several days after the
shot and Facer agreed that this was probably correct. The Payne Harris
recollection (Ivy reference C.1.7.6) of the discovery of the jammed door

of November 2 is consistent with the later date.

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