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wood frame.








form 1x 21 "$0" high with railing, ladder and cage, supported by tinbers and braced by

wood freming on 12" x

ross veinfarced concrete plers with reinforeed conarete footings.

Reproduced from the holdings of the National Archives
Pacific Southwest Region


Fyvo wood poles 20# watt x 90? high set in concrete base and guyed by insulted wire cables attached to anchors
set in concrete blocks.

A timber~framed plier 7' wide extending from water's edge 120! inte lJagoon with wood decking 2' above high

water. Five 24' bents supported bytigbers secured to sand-filled Navy cubes sunk to lagoon floor. Float~
ing fender logs restrained by chains at either side of farthest bent, and guy wires from farthest bent to
buried log anchors near shore line. Pier secured at shore end by wire cables attached to dead man.


AIT feeders are direct burial)

Fron pover and distillation building to: Shower and wash room 20 IF of 2/¢ #12

Tent quarters $2, 60 IF of 3/C #10
Radsafe tent 140 IF of3/6 #8 and 140 IF of 4/0 #8
Pump house 50 IF of 2/C #10 and 50 LF of 2/6 #12

150 CF reefer 40 If of 3/6 #10
Mess Hall 100 IF of 4/C #6 and 60 IF of 4/c #4
70 I of 2/¢ #12 fram shover and wash roam to latrines

30 IF of 3/0 #10 from tent quarters #2 to tent quarters fl.
50 Iv of 2/6 #10 fran tent quarters #2 to tent quarters #3.
30 IF of 2/6 #10 fram tent quarters fl to day roome


20 If of ig" galvanized pipe fraa distillation building to water tower.

20 If of 140 galvanised pipe fran water tover to shower and vash roots

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