This report has had classified material removed in order to

make the information available on an unclassified, open
publication basis, to any interested parties. This effort to
declassify this report has been accomplished specifically to

support the Department of Defense Nuclear Test Personnel Review

(NTPR) Program.

The objective is to facilitate studies of the

low levels of radiation received by some individuals during the
atmospheric nuclear test program by making as much information
as possible available to all interested parties.
The material which has been deleted is all currently
classified as Restricted Data or Formerly Restricted Data under
the provision of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, (as amended) or
is National Security Information.
This report has been reproduced directly from available

copies of the original material.

The locations from which

material has been deleted is generally obvious by the spacings
and "holes" in the text. Thus the context of the material
deleted is identified to assist the reader in the determination
of whether the deleted information is germane to his study.
It is the belief of the individuals who have participated
in preparing this report by deleting the classified material
and of the Defense Nuclear Agency that the report accurately
portrays the contents of the original and that the deleted
material is of little or no significance to studies into the
amounts or types of radiation received by any individuals
during the atmospheric nuclear test program.

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