Safety Studies and Development of Operational Guideiines

Project Title: Marshall Islands Radiological Safety Program





Now that Micronesians are returning to the islands affected by weapons
testing, a comprehensive, continuing radiation safety program is required.
Such a program would be developed for the Division of Operational Safety
using the facilities and personnel of the Brookhaven National Laboratory
Health Physics and Safety Division. This project is intended to provide
Operational Safety with a single focal point for their needs in this area.
Areas needing sciencific investigation will be suggested to the Division
of Siomedical and Environmental Research, and other support activities to
the Division of Operational Safety.
The specific goal of this projece is to gather and evaluate previous
and current data on the radiological situation as they relate to actual and
projected land use.
Significant exposure pathways will be identified as a
basis for establishing a continuing environmental monitoring program.
Using this


annual surveys in the islands will be designed and

performed in conjunction with the Brookhaven Medical Survey.
samples will be returned to Brookhaven National Laboratory for analysis.
in addition to those samples required to estimate the accuracy of the dose
predictions, specific samples relating to the Medical Survey Group's interest
will be collected and analyzed.
Our close relationship with the Medical
survey Group will permit us to respond rapidly to cheir needs.

Relationshipnto Other Projects:

The facilities and personnel of the Brookhaven National Laboratory
Health Physics and Safety Division Environmental Monitoring Group will be

the basic element in the project.

E) Mutual assistance will exist with the Brookhaven Medical Survey Team.
The annual radiological survey would be conducted during their visits to the
islands when possible.
c) Extensive use will be made of the data and experience of previous
studies in the islands.
This will include consultation as needed with the
personnel from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Southwest Radiological
Health Laboratory, AEC Health and Safety Laboratory, etc.
Close cooperation
with the University of Washington is anticipated for the radiological
analysis of marine biota in the Marshallese diec,

Technical Progress in FY 1974:

Health Physics and Safety Division staff members will assist in the
March 1974 medical survey in the islands in order to familiarize these

(See Continuation Sheet)


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