Lawrence Livermore Natiqnal Laboratory

November 30, 1981

Dr. Bruce Wachholz “4

Department of Energy

Germantwon E-201
Washington, BD. C.


Dear Bruce:

The enclosed tables are self explanatory. The ratio's in Tabigs 1
and 2 are based upon data from the Northern Marshall Islands Slirvey


(NMIS) and our continuing program at Eneu Island.
I think thel predicted
doses in Table 3 (based on the relative concentrations in Tablb 2)

are certainly indicative of at least the magnitude of the dosegk we
will see for the ingestion pathway when we run the final dose fodes.

The marine pathway, ground-water and cistern water pathway andIthe
EGG report on the external gamma exposure pathway are already §ublished.

These reports (and doses) combined with the enclosed predictiogs for

the ingestion pathway, put the total dose picture for the NMIS{pretty

well in perspective.

In general, the final conclusion will be that for all atolls odher

than Rongelap, the total predicted doses (from al] pathways) wqll be

rather low and in most cases will be in the range of natural background
exposures in the United States and less than background doses qn many
areas of the world. The doses for Rongelap will] be less than Wneu
Island doses.

I do emphasize that the ingestion pathway doses are estimated
time and that you use the data presented in Tables 1,2 and 3 ina
Quantitative or semi-quantitative manner at this stage. The data
should not be released at this time. We will supply the final [Food
chain doses at a later time.

William L. Robison
Section Leader
Terrestrial & Atmospheric
Sciences Section



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