This bcoklet has been prepared following

a March 1986 meeting of the Marshall

Islands Planning Group (MIPG) and reflects
listed people as to the U.S. commitments

the best judgment of the below-

under the Compact of Free Association,

primarily the agreement to implement Section

177, and which of these will likely

fall to DOE because of unique qualifications

or historical circumstances.

The plan contained herein also suggests
not compact requirements,

programs or program elements that are

per se, but, in the opinion of the MIPG, should be

implemented or continued by either the Republic of the Marshall
Government or the U.S. Government

Islands (RMI)

for their own purposes.

This plan is one which has evolved over the past four years and tries to keep
pace with scientific and medical accomplishments
the changing political arrangements

over that period, as well as

between the U.S. and RMI Governments.


is intended as a resource and planning guide to the Manager, NV, for his review
and input to DP to help focus departmental

decisions when discussing compact

with other federal agencies.

Dr. William Burr

Chairman, Medical & Health Sciences;
Director, ORAU

Dr. William Bair


Environment>{)tlealth and

Safety Research, PacificNorthwest Laboratories;


President, American Health
Physics Society

Dr. Charles Meinhold


Health, Safety & Environ*
Protection; Director,


National Laboratory

(BNL); Past President, American
Health Physics Society


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