Tooas Oytne dailyMtake OT that toOd Item as reportea in MLSL Wiel Survey
(diet survey is described in the report). The corresponding daily intakes were
95 fCi/d when imported foods are available and 311 fCi/d when imported foods

are unavailable. These estimates do not include any intake of soil; they can
be compared to the 5500 fCi/d which includes the intake of 1 g of soil per day.
The 5500 fCi/d intake in the basis for most of the calculations | sent you
The annual dose equivalent at the end of 7 years is listed in Table 1 for

bone marrow and endosteal cells. The total dose for bone marrow is 0.72 mrem/y
for the conditions listed in the footnote. The dose for endosteal cells is 8.8

The integral listed for both 50 y and 57 y starting at the beginning

of the 7 y period.

The total dose for bone marrow for 50 y is 0.051 rem and

for 57 y 0.058 rem; the corresponding doses to bone surface cells are 0.62 rem

and 0.69 rem.

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