Roger Ray, DPO, NV

W. J. Stanley, Dir, PASO



nature of the current mission (pediatrics - not radiation related). It
was reaffirmed that RMI would have to secure written permission from any
Marshallese examinee before we would allow filming. This was the only
“precondition” and we would cooperate in every way. I introduced them to

* Bill Adams and had them bring 2 technicians aboard to familiarize themselves
with the facilities.

I suggested we meet the next day when work was well in progress, at which

time we would be better able to identify candidates for inclusion in their

I then visited Chief Secretary deBrum to assure him of our complete willingness to cooperate. He seemed pleased, as he agreed we should ali be open and
above board.

I visited Dr. Helkena to pledge our cooperation and affirm our position that

we wanted his designee present at the time of the filming and to obtain
written concurrence from the Marshallese patients involved. The Japanese
media were with Dr. Helkena during this conversation, as was Chief of Staff
Dr. Aen and the new hospital administrator. All was cordial.
Later, on board Liktanur I asked a Utirik exposed person who had not been
examined in March 1982 if he was interested in being the subject of the
documentary. I told him:

1. What they wanted.

That his government endorsed it.


That I was in no way requesting him to do it, but just wanted to see
if he had any interest and if so he could get in touch with RMI Health


He thought it over very carefully, then said "I came to see the BNL doctors

who take care of me, not Japanese TV people”.

I decided then and there to gather the names of those few adults who- were
candidates for examination during this mission and give them to RMI Health
Services to contact and obtain permission if they could. I wanted to
avoid our active or even benign involvement in soliciting people. The

media people were informed of this decision.

They requested an interview with Dr. Adams. We agreed to this but J
advised we would need the questions, written, in advance to prepare.

agreed to this.


At the same time
came aboard without invitation. He was
accompanying the media crew and had recently returned from Japan. He is


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