they could eat

food that had been restricted for many years

. ' (see Attachments 3 and 4).

To support these judgments,

information on radiation protection fundamentals was also

| provided in a Marshallese/English booklet with the intention



that the people could make educated decisions (see Attachment


Risk estimates, rather than radiation standards that were

| Important in the past, would be used for such judgments.

Whole body exposures on Rongelap Atoll measured by Brookhaven
National Laboratory (BNL) increased significantly during 1982 and
were still elevated in 1983.
The relaxing of a restriction on
usé of certain food from more contaminated isiands at Rongelap
appears to be a contributing factor.

In the past,


restriction was stated clearly as a prohibition (see

Attachments 3 and 6)..

The high exposure prediction for Ronsgelap Island residents of
463 mRem/yr in the Marshallese/English booklet (see page 39 of
Attachment 5), appears to be an erroneous value not supported by
whole-body monitoring.
Such a high chronic exposure level would
not be acceptable.

The whole-body measurements support an

remains effective.

This latter exposure is within current

exposure less than 1838 mRem/yr, provided the food restriction

To my knowledge,

this error has never been corrected.

Attachment 7 contains acute and chronic exposure estimates and
Attachment 8 contains relevant radiation standards.

Questions about past radiation exposures on Rongelap have
remained unanswered for more than 2 years (see Attachment 3).
Though not requested in writing, it is reasonable to assume
the Rongelapese need a discussion of:

The possibility of additional delayed health effects for
acute exposures received in 1954.


The additional chronic exposures received since 1957 for the
highly exposed individuals.


The chronic exposures since 1957 for those not in the high
exposure group.


A comparison of exposures, past and future, with radiation
protection standards.

Medical followup and advice has been very good for the
Rongelapese, but not providing them information on their total

radiation exposure condition, information that is available,
amounts to a coverup.
The questions the Marshallese have raised


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