its position and declare that parts of Bikini Atoll can be
safely resettled under reasonable conditions, the Bikinians
would welcome this news.
June 1,

Until this occurs, they view the

1979 letters to them as the official and definitive

U.S. position.
The present circumstances have caused the Bikinians

to initiate two actions we wish to bring to the attention of
the Trusteeship Council.

The first was to seek an independent

scientific assessment of the recent U.S.
of Bikini Atoll.

radiological survey

The second was to file a lawsuit two months

ago seeking just compensation from the United States for the

taking and destruction of Bikini Atoll and damages for breaches
of fiduciary obligations owed to the Bikinians by the United

Independent Scientific Assessment

of U.S. Radiological Survey of Bikini Atoli
Six years ago,
in U.S.

the people of Bikini brought a lawsuit

Federal court seeking to stop the resettlement of Bikini

until the United States conducted a thorough radiological survey
of the atoll.
that lawsuit,

Pursuant to a court-approved agreement settling
the United States agreed to conduct the radiological

survey -~ and to permit the Bikinians to select an independent,

government scientist to verify,

survey results.



review and assess the

Paragraph 10 of the settlement agreement pro-

Select target paragraph3