Despite the consistency of this data and the
official U.S.


certain U.S.

officials have inaccurately

held out the hope that parts of Bikini Atoll can be resettled

For example,


during the dose assessment meeting last

the United States failed orally or in writing to

inform the Bikinians that their homeland could not be resettled
for many years.

To the contrary,

one member of the DOE team

at the dose assessment meeting stated unequivocally to the
Bikinians that he would not hesitate to live on Eneu with his


the bilingual booklet prepared by DOE

discussed only the application of the discarded 500 millirer

No mention was made of the 250 millirem standard

adopted by the United States

for evaluating living conditions

on Bikini or Eneu, and no U.S. official pointed out to the
Bikinians that all of the booklet's predici.d levels of exposure
for Bikini and Eneuvu exceeded the 250 millirem standard.
The true facts must be recognized and dealt with.

The Bikinians want, more than anything else, to return to Eneu
Island -- if the radiological risks of returning a.
and if the conditions of resettlement are realistic.


the official U.S. position regarding resettlement of Bikini
and Tneu has not changed since June 1,

for at least 30 to 60 years,

at least 20-25 years.


Bikini is off-

and Eneu is off-limits for

Should the United States reconsider

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