Effects of Ionizing Radiation


Committee, as well as

the Interagency Task Force on Ionizing Radiation, which the
Veteran's Administration relies upon.
Another important development since the last Committee

hearing is the finding by the Centers for Disease Control that
ex-servicemen who witnessed the SMOKY atomic test in 1957 have
a three to four-fold increase of leukemia as well as a ten-fold
increase of a rare form of bone marrow disease similar to
Finally, evidence has been mounting since the last hearing
which suggests that low-level ionizing radiation--the type of
radiation many of our former veterans were exposed to--causes
many degenerative diseases besides cancer and thyroid nodules,
including chromosome changes which can lead to sterility and

birth defects among the children of atomic veterans.

All of these

aforementioned current scientific discoveries shall be expanded
upon in the following sections.

According to researchers at the Lawrence Livermore weapons
laboratory in California and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
some of the most important data on the effects of ionizina
radiation on humans may be wrong.
1981 issue of Science,

In an article in the May 22nd,

a consultant who is workina on this

research said that the dose revisions “are moving in the wrong
direction"--a direction that will cause great concern among the
advocates of nuclear energy.

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