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health care of all the Marshall Islanders
examinations in June, 1983 was because — it has never conducted health care sur- #5
veys and examinations of all the people.
he began to find a large number of prealso it has never done a complete, inviously undiagnosed thyroid tumors on
dependent, radiological survey of ail the §
people living in Majuro who were all
from the northern Marshall Islands listed islands and atolls. Therefore no one
knows how many of theislands are con- |
above. This suggested the possibility that
radiation from nuclear fallout from the | taminated by radioactive materials and
since November of 1982. The purpose of
373 these evaluations is to detect radiation 1954 Bravo explosion (and possibly some no one knows how many people suffer
of the other 65 explosions between 1946
from illness caused by nuclear testing.
ate injuries, however, this can be done adequately ONLY if complete medical eval- and 1958) may have contaminated many
The government of the United States ff
\f@ uations are performed. Therefore all atolls other than Enewetak, Rongelap,
has admitted that the atolls of Enewe- §
and Utirik. It will take at least another 6
3m medical proglems are diagnosed whether
tak, Bikini, Rongelap, and Utirik were
uM they are radiation related or whether- .to 8 months to complete these examina- affected. We had seen enough medical
m they are not radiatian related. The com- tions on the people from the above named
problems on the other atolls to fear that {f
the problem was much more widespread.
plete evaluations are performed in Maju-- ‘atolls. However, the preliminary informaa ro; each individual person has a 2-3 hour ' tion shows a large. number of thyroid tuWe are sorry to see that Dr. Hamilton's Fi
mors as well as a numberof other signifi- . preliminary findings suggest that this is |
@ evaluation which includes completing a
# medical questionngire, talking with the cant medical problems which were untrue. These findings should cause the Uni™ doctor, a compiete physical examination,
ted States to immediately start radiologic- |
diagnosed and untreated. The purpose in
and laboratory tests. Finally, a medical
al and medical surveys of all the islands
identifying these people on these atolls
#% report is prepared and a copyis included with these problems is to recommend and all the people so that those affected
Ai a a permanent part of each person's that they be referred to see Dr. Hamilcan be treated and so that further injury §
aia hospital record. In addition, a copy of
from contaminated atolls or poisoned |
ton for a complete evaluation in Majuro.
iad this report is the MIATLP
At the completion of the examination
food can be prevented.
iW attomeys. People who have serious on each atoll, a list of the people recomSich surveys are needed now. They sho- 4
4 medical problems are immediately referr- mended for complete evaluations is given uld not await the outcomeof plebiscites §
3 ed by Dr. Hamilton to either local phy- to the health aide as weil as copies to th« of all the Micronesian countries. Nor
m@ sicians or in some cases are presented to mayor and senator from each atoll or to . Should they ba postponed the many
m™ the Referral Committee for referral to local leaders on Ebeye.
years it may take before the United States |
fi honolulu. In each case a copy of Dr. HaCongress acts on the Compact of Free f
milton’s report is provided to the physiciNearly 2000 people,, including children


The reason Dr. Hamilton began these


The purpose of thisarticle is to describe

Z the medical evaluation program of the.
4 @ Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation
ae Project. Dr. Thomas Hamilton, M.D.,
Sia Ph.D, is a medical consultant to MIATLP
bj) and has been performing complete mediim cal evaluations on Marshallese people

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