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August 27, 1983 from Rongelap, Utirik,
Mejit, Ailuk, and Ebeye. Over 20 new
thyroid tumors were found in people
during this period of time. In addition,

As more and more radiation related illnesses are discovered it becomes more and

‘ ment with Dr. Hamilton to have the me-

; about a hundred people with less serious
or no medical problems who have not
m yet had their final appointments, however these should be completed by Oct-






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an, Every individual has a final appoint-



more apparent that the money provided ¢
under the 177 agreementis grossly inade- [,
over 25 people were found with other _ quate to compensate all those who suf- |
ober, 1983.
significant medical problems which were fered injury to either their persons or proA second part of the medical evaluation
undiagnosed and untreated. Some of these perty, even without the clean-up of Bi- &
program began in June of 1983. This in- people required immediate treatment - kini, which we are told must come from
volves a screening examination of all - the other people were recommended to the same inadequate funds.
see dr. Hamilton in Majuro for complete
Marshallese people in the northern Marevaluations. Since many of these people
shali Islands including Rongelap, Utirik,
The Compact of Free Association with &
Moajit, Ailuk, Likiep, Wotje, Lae, Ujae, with new thyroid tumors from any the attached 177 agreement should be f
Wotho, and all people living on Ebeye . atoll were actually on a different atoll defeated. The Government of.the United States should: carry out its duties under
from these atolls. As of August 27, 1983,
during 1954 during Bravo, it will be
almost all people from Rongelpa, Utirik,
necessary to examine all people from the
the Trusteeship to immediately provide
Mejit, Ailuk, and Ebaye people from
northem Marshall Islands, and possibly for an independent radiological survey of &
Rongelap, Utirik and Mejit have had this
ALL of the Marshall Islands, before a all the islands and a medical survey of all
screening examination. This examination more compiete story can be reported.
the Marshall Islanders.
consists of a biood pressure check and a
Although the United States under the Vote jab and write to Congressman Sie- 4}
berling asking for immediate surveys.
complete neck and thyroid examination.
Trusteeship has been responsible for the




examinations between June 1983 and

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