Pacific Northwest
P.o. BOX 999

September 20, 1982




U.S.A. 99352

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FTS: 444-3043

Dr. William L. Robinson
University of California
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
P.O. Box 808
Livermore, CA 94550

Dear Bill:
I’ve reviewed the Marshall Islands Dosimetry Document you sent me, and find
I note a
nothing that prompts me to register any substantial objections.
few minor comments below, primarily to prove that I did look at the
document, and to maintain my reputation for always being able to find
something to complain about.
Page 1, last line: The phrase “ ...but do present a long-term source of
exposure,’f should, in my opinion, be deleted, or explained in greater
detai 1. It suggests that there really is a problem with transuranics, but
doesn’t define this problem.
I don’t think the subject is addressed
anywhere else in the report, which is another reason for considering it
inappropriate for the abstract.
Page 14, lines 6-8: The gut transfer factors employed are those of ICRP
You should be aware,
and are probably the best to use in this document.

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