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of the program to DP. Further, we are concerned that claims of poor
management will unfairly reflect upon the performance of Dr. Bruce
Wachholz, who was given responsibility for the program by Mrs. Clusen in
The group of scientists first met in April 1978 to provide advice on the
Marshall Islands projects; none of the scientists came from an
institution that had projects in the Marshall Islands. It quickly
became apparent to us that Headquarters' management of the projects was
inadequate. There was no identifiable coherent program; each project
seemed to be independent of all others. There was lack of
coordination--interaction and communications between projects performed
by different laboratories were sporadic. Investigators met with

Marshallese officials without Headquarters’ knowledge; this often led to

. implied commitments.

Overall priorities were not identified; goals and

objectives were not clear; identification of milestones and

to them were lacking.


The scientists brought these problems to Mrs. Clusen's attention in late
1978 and recommended that a manager be appointed to direct the program
from the Office of the Assistant Secretary. The program manager would
serve also as chairman of a task group composed of appropriate staff
from the DOE Headquarters divisions funding the projects and from the
Nevada Operations Office, which was responsible for the Radiological

Support Project.

We suggested that Mr. Hal Hollister, who already

reported to Mrs. Clusen as a technical advisor, was the logical person
to manage the program. However, recognizing that his time was fully
committed to other responsibilities, we recommended that Dr. Wachholz be
appointed. Dr. James Liverman, Mrs. Clusen's predecessor, also brought
the management issue to her attention and recommended Dr. Wachholz to

manage the program for the Assistant Secretary. On April 27, 1979 Mrs.
Clusen asked Dr. Wachholz to "assume responsibility for overall
planning, integration and implementation of EV programs in the Marshall
Istands and Palomares."

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