YUL 2 t966
Mc. Peter T. Coleman
Deputy High Comaisstonec
United States Department of Interior
Txust Territory of the Pacific Islends
Office of the High Comalszfoner

Selpsn, Mrriana Islends 96950
Dear Mr. Colomen:


I em most pleased to hava your lettex of June 11, 1969, cepoiting
the activities connectad with the rencbilitetion of Bikini Atoll.
Everyone agreas Chat this is @ particularly Limsportent project and
your obvious pereonal intezest in the resettlement will go far
in assucxing that it will be successful,
I understend thet perte of the Atoll other then Bikini and Enyu
are being cecontaminated and resurveyed ead that the “Oboe-Peter=Tara”
complex is one of those. Bssed on cur:ent deta, the external

exposure to the Bikiniena during cultivetion and harvest of the


on the "Oboe-Peter-Tare"” complex might «dd a significant
to their rotal annual dose. On the other hand, use of the
from the complex should contribute only a small smount of

In agreement with your recsoniag, it would seem to be in oxder to

plent 4 grove on the complex «t this time, wspectally since the
equipmeat is at Bikini, but the final judgment of radiclogic ssiezy

obviously haa to be made oa the basis of actual rediologic messzuce-

ments of the terrein and food stuffs. Tf the currence redilologicel
data being obtcined by the Joiat Tesk Croup 8.8, Bikini, on the lead,
food sources cod lens watar turn dut Co be comparable with those oa
knyu end Bikini, ie would certainly be {in order to review the judgments of the 1967 Ad Hoc Evalustion Committee.
i ccn promise you «n expeditious response upon recefpt ef the relevant

data. Please sccopt my sincerest thenks for calling this matter ta
our ettention.


Doe/PA S6

conection DOE WV

soxno, LAz, “Epan¥ 2"



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